• Downloading, Installing and Launching
  • What are the system requirements for Panorama 6.0 for Windows?
    Panorama 6.0 was developed and tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  • Will Panorama work with 64 bit versions of Windows?
    Yes. Panorama has been tested on 64 bit Windows Vista and Windows 7. Back to top.
  • How do I download and install Panorama for PC?
    Start by going on the Download page on this web site. Choose the Panorama 5.5 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 option, then press the Goto Step 2 button.

    Now you have a choice of three different downloads. In each case the software itself is the same — the difference is the extra files that are included. If you plan to design and create Panorama databases go for the Deluxe option, which includes all of the example files and complete documentation. If you already have the documentation and just need a program update, the DeluxeNoPDF option is about one quarter the size of the Deluxe option and still gives you the updated software, programming refereference wizard, and all of the example files.

    If someone else has already designed the database you are going to use and you don't plan to do any database design or maintenance yourself, download the Basic option. This includes only the software, with nothing extra. (If you later decide you need more you can always go back and download again.)

    When you click on a download option, your browser will ask you if you want to run or save this file. To install Panorama on the current machine press the Run button.

    When the download is complete your browser will ask you to confirm that you want to run the newly downloaded software (it may also tell you that the publisher could not be verified). Press the Run button.

    A new window appears named something like WinZip Self Extractor - PanWin553Basic.exe (the exact name will depend on the option you chose to download). Press the Setup button.

    You'll see a progress bar as the downloaded software is uncompressed. When this is complete the Panorama Installer window will appear.

    Choose the packages you want to install (the most common options are pre-selected) and press the Install button.

    When the installation is complete the software will show you a report listing exactly what was installed. You can save this report if you like. Otherwise, just press Exit Installer.

    (Note: If you haven't yet activated your Panorama 6.0 serial number, the installer will automatically display the Registration window when you press the Exit Installer button. See How do I activate my serial number? for more information.)

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  • Why did a Registry Error appear when installing Panorama?
    If this occurs, reboot the computer and re-install Panorama. This resolves the issue.

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  • How do I launch Panorama 6.0 on Windows?
    Once installed, there are several ways to launch Panorama 6.0:

    • You can choose Panorama 6.0 from the Start menu
    • You can double click on a Panorama database or file set (.pan or .pnz file)
    • You can double click on C:\Program Files\Panorama\Panorama.exe

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  • How do I uninstall Panorama 4.0?
    It's actually not necessary to un-install Panorama 4.0 when you install Panorama 5.5. However, there is no reason to keep it either. To uninstall Panorama 4.0, simply throw the folder

    C:\Program Files\ProVUE Development\Panorama

    into the recycle bin. That's it!

    Note: If for some reason you want to keep Panorama 4.0, it will still work even after Panorama 5.5 is installed. However, you cannot launch it from the Start menu or by double clicking on a Panorama database. Instead, you'll have to launch it by double clicking on:

    C:\Program Files\ProVUE Development\Panorama\Panorama.exe

    and then using the Open File dialog to open whatever file you want to use.

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  • What other software do I need to install?
    No additional software beyond the basic operating system is required to use the basic features of Panorama. However, if you want to view JPEG, TIFF, GIF or PNG images, watch movies, share databases on a local network, display floating notifications, or program using scripting languages you will need to install additional software.

    Displaying JPEG, TIFF, GIFF or PNG images
    Viewing Movies

    If you plan to use the Enhanced Image Pack and/or display movies, Apple's QuickTime software must be installed on your PC. QuickTime comes pre-installed on many PC's (and is installed automatically if you install iTunes or Safari for Windows), but if QuickTime isn't already installed on your system follow the directions on this page to download and install it.

    QuickTime: How to Install on Windows

    Sharing Databases on a Local Area Network

    If you want to use Panorama 5.5 (or later) for Windows to connect to an Enterprise Server client on a local network, you must install Apple's Bonjour package. (Note: Bonjour is not necessary if you are connecting to an Enterprise Server over the internet, or to any server with a static IP address.)

    Bonjour for Windows

    In addition to installing Bonjour, you'll also probably need to make a change to the configuration of your Enterprise server. Internet sharing must be enabled to allow Windows clients to communicate with the server. See pages 40 and 55 of the Panorama Enterprise Handbook. (If you are wondering why this is necessary, Panorama uses Remote AppleEvents for local network sharing between Macs. AppleEvents are not available on Windows systems.)

    Even though internet sharing is being used you do not need a static IP address for your server if you are sharing only over the local network. Bonjour takes care of the IP configuration for you.

    Using Snarl to display Floating Notification Panels

    Snarl is a notification system for Windows that is very similar to Growl on MacOS X. Just as Panorama 5.5 on the Mac supports Growl, the Windows version supports Snarl. We especially recommend installing these packages for users of Panorama Enterprise, as it greatly reduces the number of alerts you need to click thru.


    In future versions of Panorama we plan on implementing even more support for Growl/Snarl.

    Programming Using Scripting Languages (Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP)

    On OS X these scripting languages are pre-installed and ready to use. That's not the case on Windows, but here at ProVUE we managed to install all four of them in less than an hour. Of course these aren't required for Panorama operation, but if installed, you can tap the power of these programming languages in your Panorama applications. Here are some links that we found useful for installing these languages:

    Ruby Downloads
    Tutorial: Installing Ruby in Windows

    Installing Perl on Windows
    Perl Downloads

    Python on Windows
    Python Downloads

    PHP Downloads

    A few tips if you decide to install these languages:

    • Panorama currently assumes perl.exe is installed in c:\perl\bin
    • Panorama currently assumes python.exe is installed in c:\python26 (Panorama has only been tested with Python 2.6.2)

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  • Where can I find complete documentation for Panorama 6.0?
    If you chose to download the deluxe version of Panorama (see How do I download and Install, above) then you already have the complete documentation in your system. Simply choose Help from the Panorama menu, and choose the name of the PDF file you want to open.

    If you didn't choose the deluxe version, you can let Panorama download the documentation for you. Choose Help from the Panorama menu, then choose Download Manager from the PDF menu. You can also download the documentation using your web browser from our documentation download page.

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  • How can I learn about the new features in Panorama 5.5 and/or 6.0?
    The Panorama PDF documentation includes a book titled Release Notes.PDF. This book includes detailed documentation for all of the new features in Panorama 5.5 and 6.0. Since the Windows version of Panorama was upgraded from 4.0 to 5.5 in one step, you'll want to look at the Panorama 5.0.0, Panorama 5.5.0 and Panorama 6.0 sections of this book if you are upgrading from Panorama 4.0. In the release notes you'll find underlined text linking you to additional information. Clicking on one of these links will automatically open the appropriate book (Panorama Handbook, Wizard & Demos, etc.)

    The current PDF documentation reflects the Macintosh version of Panorama 6.0. There are a few minor differences between the Mac and PC versions. To learn more, see Mac/PC Porting Tips.

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  • Purchasing, Activation and Serial Numbers
  • How do I purchase Panorama 6 for Windows?
    You use the provue.com web site to order new copies of Panorama or to upgrade your existing copy, or you can call us at 800-966-7878 during business hours. If you are ordering an upgrade you'll need the serial number of your previous version of Panorama, if you have misplaced it we can help you locate the serial number.

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  • How do I activate my Panorama 6.0 serial number?
    Activating Panorama 6.0 is much simpler than it was in Panorama 4.0. The first step is to open the Registration window. If you are running the Panorama Installer this window will open automatically when the install is finished. Otherwise, open Panorama and choose Registration from the Panorama menu. (Note: If you are using Vista or Windows 7 and are opening the Registration window from an already installed copy of Panorama, you must be logged into Windows as an administrator level user.)

    If you are installing a Panorama 4.0 to 6.0 upgrade and Panorama 4.0 was previously installed on this machine, the upgrade should process automatically (assuming your upgrade order has been processed by ProVUE staff). The Registration window will show you are activated, and you can simply close the Registration window and start working (if you are running the Installer, you'll need to re-launch Panorama from the Start menu).

    If you are installing a new copy of Panorama or installing on a machine that did not previously have Panorama 4.0 installed, the Registration window will ask you for your serial number. You should have received this in an e-mail from ProVUE when your order was processed. Simply enter the serial number, press Submit, and your activation will be processed. (If you have a Personal Use License you will be prompted for the last four digits of your credit card. This is the card used to purchase the Personal Use License, not the one used to purchase the upgrade.)

    Note: If you are installing the Panorama 6.0 upgrade on a machine different than the one your previous version of Panorama was installed on, be sure to de-activate Panorama on the old machine before activating Panorama 6.0 on the new machine (unless you have a Personal Use License).

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  • Will my Personal Use License continue to work with Panorama 6.0?
    Yes. If you upgrade to Panorama 6.0 using the same serial number, your Personal Use License will not be affected. It will continue to work as before. Upgrading does not affect the expiration date of your personal use license. If your personal use license was about to expire in a month, it will still expire in a month if you purchase a 6.0 upgrade.

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  • Can I use my Macintosh serial number for Panorama 6.0 on my Windows computer?
    No. Panorama serial numbers are for one platform only and cannot be transferred from one platform to the other. A Mac serial number can only be used on a Mac, and a Windows serial number can only be used on Windows.

    This also applies to any Personal Use License you may have. A personal use license is only good for one platform. If you personally use multiple computers on both Mac and Windows you will have you will need to purchase a two serial numbers and two personal use licenses, one each for each operating system. Keep in mind that a personal use license is just that — for your personal use. It is not for use by employees, co-workers, relatives, or anyone else but you. There must be at least one Panorama serial number for each person using Panorama. (The one exception would be a Panorama single CPU (regular) license on a machine that is physically shared by two or more users at different times).

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  • Compatibility with your Existing Databases
  • Will my old Panorama 4.0 databases still work?
    Yes. Database files created with Panorama 4.0 for Windows don't require any conversion — just double click on a database and it will automatically launch into Panorama 6.0, but with a new look!

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  • Can I transfer databases from my Macintosh to the PC version of Panorama?
    Yes. In most cases this is a simple as adding .pan to the end of the filename (for example MyContacts becomes MyContacts.pan). To lean more about this process see Chapter 5 of the Formulas & Programming PDF documentation.

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  • Can I transfer databases from a PC to the Macintosh version of Panorama?
    Yes. However, Panorama for Mac will not recognize that the files belong to it until you process them with the Platform Converter wizard (in the Utilities submenu of the Wizard menu). To lean more about this process see Chapter 5 of the Formulas & Programming PDF documentation.

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  • What are the differences between the Mac and PC versions of Panorama?
    The Mac and PC versions of Panorama are very close, but they are not quite identical. To learn about the exact differences, see Mac/PC Porting Tips.

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  • I just upgraded from Panorama 4.0 to 5.5 or 6.0 on Windows, why can't I print?
    Most commonly this is caused by an incompatibility in the page setup from the previous version. To fix this, open the view you want to print (data sheet or form), then choose Reset Page Setup from the Setup menu. Then use the Page Setup command to set up the printing options (or just Print). You may need to use Reset Page Setup once for each form you need to print, but if you save your database after using this command you shouldn't need to use it twice for a given form.

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  • Other Topics
  • What is required to share databases across multiple computers?
    Panorama 5.5 or later (and Panorama Direct 5.5 or later) can connect with a Panorama Enterprise Server to share databases across multiple computers. This means that multiple users can access the same databases simultaneously, with full record locking. This users sharing the databases can be on Mac or PC systems, or both at the same time.

    Although the client software works on both Mac's and PC's, at this time the server software works only on a Macintosh. If you've never used a Mac before the setup is normally quite easy, and detailed step-by-step instruction are provided. For most applications a low-cost Mac Mini provides more than enough performance, in fact, even a used PPC Mac Mini will work great (currently available for between $100 and $200 on eBay and Craigslist).

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  • Why are Panorama's windows contained in a larger window?
    Panorama uses the standard Windows MDI (multiple document interface) that is used by many software packages. MDI programs use a large "parent" window with one menu bar at the top, with individual "child" windows contained within the parent window.

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  • What future updates are planned for the PC version?
    There was an almost seven year gap between the release of Panorama 4.0.2 for the PC and Panorama 5.5 for the PC. We don't expect that sort of gap to occur again. When Panorama 6.0 was officially released in September 2010, both Mac and PC versions were available on the same date.

    When Panorama 4.0 was first developed, both Mac and PC versions had the same source code. We released 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 simultaneously for Mac (OS 9) and PC. However, the need to transition the Mac version to OS X derailed this synchronized development -- until now. We have now brought these two versions back in sync and the exact same source code is used for both the Mac and PC versions. Since we don't expect another major operating system transition like the one from OS 9 to OS X, we expect to be able to perform synchronized development on both platforms moving forward.

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  • How do I keep up with the latest issues and versions?
    One great way to keep up with Panorama news and issues is via the Panorama QNA discussion group. You can participate via e-mail or on the web. You can also check for the latest software on the Update History page.

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