Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions (Expanded)

Why is Panorama X RAM based?

Your computer has two kinds of memory: RAM and disk. Even if your system has a SSD instead of a mechanical disk drive, RAM memory is still thousands of times faster. Panorama takes full advantage of this speed by loading entire databases into RAM memory. Unlike other database software, Panorama never touches the disk drive once the database is open. All searching, sorting, editing, and everything else occurs directly in your computer's high speed RAM.

How much data can fit in RAM?

A lot. Panorama's efficient storage techniques can pack from 3 to 15 thousand records in each megabyte of memory, so on even an older 4 GB computer that is up to 60 million records. As a real-world example, the Panorama X intro video shows a demo database that packs all 313,000 aircraft registered in the entire United States into only 81 megabytes — only enough to fill a tiny percentage of RAM on modern Mac systems.

What are the minimum system requirements for Panorama X?

The minimum system requirement for Panorama X is macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later (including macOS 13 Ventura).

Is Panorama X easy to install?

Very easy. Unlike earlier versions of Panorama, there is no installer — you just download and then drag Panorama X into the Application folder.

Can I import my existing data?

Yes. If you've been using Panorama 6, your databases will import directly into Panorama X (including data, forms, and procedures). If you've been using another database or spreadsheet program, Panorama can import text data in CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated) or JSON format.

Can I export data from Panorama X?

Yes. Panorama can export text data in CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), JSON and HTML format, as well as PDF. The format of the exported data can be customized into any format.

Will Panorama X be available for iOS, Windows, or Android?

Since Panorama X is written in Objective-C, the foundation is in place to make it available on iOS, and we plan to do that once the macOS version is complete.

Objective-C is not currently available on Windows. In recent years, sales to Windows customers have been less than 5% of total Panorama sales, so we have decided to concentrate on making a kick-ass Macintosh product rather than diluting our resources and/or making a compromised cross-platform product. Microsoft has announced that Objective-C will be included in Windows 10, so depending on demand and technology considerations we may revisit this decision in the future, but at this time we are concentrating on Apple devices.

For technical and marketing reasons, we are not planning support for Android devices.

What documentation is available?

Panorama X includes extensive written and video documentation, available both within the application itself and on the web.

What's the best way to get the latest Panorama X news and announcements?

Visit the Panorama Discussion Forum to get the latest Panorama news and announcements, and to interact with other Panorama users.. No signup is needed to read, and if you'd like to post your own questions, signup is free and painless.

Free Trial (Expanded)

How do I start the free trial?

Just download the software, copy from the Downloads folder into the Application folder, then double click to launch. Just press the Start Free Trial button to get started (you do not need to create an account to use the free trial).

Do I need to give an email address or credit card to start the free trial?

Absolutely not. You don't need to tell us anything at all — just download and start checking it out.

How long does the free trial last?

The Panorama X free trial lasts seven days. These seven days don't have to be consecutive, so you can spread them out over two weeks, a month, whatever you need. When you’re ready to buy, you purchase from inside the application itself (see How do I purchase Panorama X?).

What are the capabilities and limitations of the Panorama X free trial?

During the trial period, Panorama X is fully functional — you can create new databases of any size, analyze, manipulate data, print, create layouts and reports, write programs — anything that can be done with the full version of Panorama X. This allows you to fully evaluate Panorama X before making your purchase. If you need a bit more time, you can purchase additional time in one month increments (see How do I purchase Panorama X?).

What happens after the free trial ends?

Panorama X remains fully functional after the free trial ends. However, until you pay for an account, the software will periodically stop and request that you establish an account and make a payment.

Accounts & Pricing (Expanded)

How do I purchase Panorama X?

When you're ready to buy, purchasing credits for your Panorama X account is done in the app itself (not on the web). Simply choose Site License from the Panorama menu, create a new account (if you haven't done so already), then click on the Payments panel. See Creating a New Panorama X Account and Managing Your Panorama X Account to learn more.

What is my Panorama X serial number?

When you create a Panorama X account, you specify an email address and password. These two items are all you need to set up Panorama X on a computer. There is no serial number and no activation codes. You don't have to worry about what serial number is installed on what machine, or how many licenses you have purchased. Panorama X automatically keeps track of that based entirely on the account email address.

Do I need to contact ProVUE to make changes to my account?

No. The account Administrator can make payments, view payment and usage history, change passwords, and even change the e-mail address of the account or reset the password from within the app.

How much does Panorama X cost?

Instead of requiring a large up-front payment, Panorama X takes a pay-as-you go approach — approximately $5 to $15 per month of active use. The price varies depending on how many months you purchase in advance — you get the best price if you purchase a block of 60 months (5 years).

What is a Panorama X flexible subscription?

Panorama X takes a new flexible approach to software subscriptions. Unlike a traditional subscription, you only pay for months when you actually use the software. If you don't use it every month, you don't pay every month. Unused credits don't expire, so if you pre-pay for a year, and only use Panorama part time, those credits may actually last for two years or more. Watch this video to learn more about flexible subscriptions:

How does account renewal work?

When your account expires, renewal is opt-in, not opt-out. There are no recurring payments -- we don't keep your credit card on file and you are in control at all times. We're not looking to lock you into never ending payments, only for a fair return in exchange for the huge productivity gains you'll enjoy when Panorama X is actually in use.

Will Panorama X warn me in advance when a payment is needed?

Yes, Panorama will warn you when the account balance is low, and it also allows the administrator to view the account status and history at any time. Then it's up to you to decide whether not you want to renew and continue using Panorama.

Can I use Panorama X without an Internet connection?

Yes, but not indefinitely. Panorama X needs to periodically contact the ProVUE server to monitor usage and maintain account security. If it can't connect for a while, it won't complain. Eventually, however, Panorama X will politely request that you connect to the Internet. If you decline, it will keep asking periodically until the connection is made. You can continue working between requests. How long is "eventually"? Currently this is set to 16 hours of active use. So if you use Panorama 3 hours a day, you could go 5 days without a connection. If you use Panorama 8 hours a day you would only be able to go 2 days without a connection. Note: This duration is subject to change.

Will I be locked out of my databases if I haven't made a payment?

No. Panorama will never hold your data hostage. If a payment is due, Panorama X will politely request that you make the payment. If you decline, it will keep asking periodically until the payment is made. You can continue working between requests. If you no longer wish to use Panorama X this will give you an opportunity to export your data without making any additional payment.

How much will future upgrades cost?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. All upgrades are included with your active account, and Panorama X can automatically update itself when new versions are available (with your approval, of course).

Are there any separate options or add-on packages?

No. Everything is included. (Users of previous versions of Panorama may remember separate add-on packages for image display and zip code lookup, these options are all included in Panorama X.)

Using Multiple Computers (Expanded)

Do I need multiple accounts to use Panorama on multiple computers?

No. A Panorama account can be associated with one computer or a hundred. All you have to do to start using a computer is log on with the e-mail address and password.

If you are using Panorama for personal use, you can log on and use Panorama on multiple computers at no extra charge, as long as you are only using one computer at a time. You don't have to log off or even quit Panorama when you are not using it on a computer, Panorama only counts actual usage.

If a Panorama account is being actively used on multiple computers at the same time (for example in a company), charges will be accrued for each computer used during the month for more than one hour. You don't have to keep track of serial numbers (there aren't any), and you can use more or less computers each month as needed. Essentially, a Panorama account is a form of site license, except that instead of paying in a lump sum, payments are made based on usage.

Can multiple users access the same database at the same time?

Multi-user access requires Panorama X Server, which will be available in the first half of 2019.

Security (Expanded)

Can a database be locked to a specific account?

Yes. You can restrict a database so that only someone logged on with your account can open it. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that even if someone gets their hands on your sensitive database, they won't be able to open it. Alternately, you can allow others to open the database, but restrict what they can do (for example prevent them from looking at or modifying your programs).

What if a computer is lost or stolen?

First of all, if your computer is lost or stolen, we're sorry to hear that. That is always a pain. Fortunately, Panorama X does what it can to mitigate the loss. You can immediately go to another computer, install Panorama X (if not already installed), and log on with your Administrator password. As administrator, you can view a list of all computers currently logged in to an account. If necessary, the account Administrator can remotely log off any computer that is logged on to the account, even if you don't have physical access to the computer. (If Panorama is actually running, the log off will happen within 24 hours, otherwise it will happen the next time Panorama is launched on that computer (assuming, of course, that the computer is connected to the internet.)) Note: You will probably want to change the passwords if you have to remotely log off a computer.

If databases have been locked to the account (see question above), they will no longer be accessible once the lost or stolen computer has been remotely logged off. In other words, even if someone has a physical copy of your databases, they won't be able to access the contents unless they know your account password.

Can different users on an account have different privileges?

Yes. You can set up three different roles for people using your account: Administrator, Developer, and User. Each role has a different password (all use the same account e-mail address). You can assign custom privileges for each role on a database-by-database basis. (See Managing Account Roles to learn more.)

What are ProVUE's privacy policies?

Panorama X doesn't collect any information beyond what is needed to manage your account. No database information is ever transmitted to ProVUE. ProVUE will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their use without your consent.

Transitioning from Panorama 6 to X (Expanded)

I already know Panorama 6 — will Panorama X be hard to learn?

As a Panorama 6 user, you'll instantly be familiar with all of the basic components of Panorama X — the data sheet, forms, procedures, data input, searching and sorting, etc. However, we have revised and completely modernized the entire user interface, so it may take a bit longer than previous Panorama upgrades to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. We've prepared this short video to help you get up to speed in a hurry:

Can Panorama X open my existing Panorama 6 databases?

Absolutely. Panorama X can open any database saved with Panorama 6 on an Intel platform (Mac or Windows). All of the fields, data, forms, procedures and permanent variables will be brought over from Panorama 6 into a new Panorama X database (the original Panorama 6 database is never touched). Here's a video that shows how to do it:

Note: Databases from Panorama for Mac 5.5 or earlier, or from a PowerPC computer, must be opened and saved using Panorama 6.0 on an Intel based computer before they can be opened with Panorama X.

Can Panorama 6 open a Panorama X database?

Sorry, but no. Panorama has used the same file format for 29 years, but that format (designed in 1986) was tied to old technology. To support newer technologies like Unicode, 64 bit, and encryption, a new file format was required. The new format is very flexible, based on Apple's object technology, so we expect to be able to use it for decades into the future.

The only way to get data from Panorama X back into Panorama 6 is to export it as a text file, then import it into Panorama 6. There is no way to get forms or procedure code from Panorama X back into Panorama 6.

Can I use Panorama 6 and Panorama X on the same computer?

Yes, and you can have both Panorama 6 and Panorama X running at the same time — they won't interfere with each other. So if you have one or more databases that need extra work to transition to Panorama X, you can continue to use them on Panorama 6 while working on any necessary reprogramming.

Will Panorama 6 continue to work on future versions of macOS?

Panorama 6 is a 32 bit application, and Apple has announced that support for 32-bit applications will be removed in the near future. So the future for Panorama 6 is limited. We urge all Panorama 6 users to transition to Panorama X as soon as possible.

Will the forms and programs I created in Panorama 6 still work in Panorama X?

Mostly, but if you've used some advanced features of Panorama 6, you may have to do some rework. Based on the technical support questions we get, we think that 80% of all Panorama 6 databases will work perfectly out of the box. About 15% will require minor adjustments, while the remaining 5% will require more major work. We've prepared two videos to help you learn what adjustments are necessary.

How much are upgrades from earlier versions of Panorama?

Because Panorama X uses a completely different “pay-as-you-go” pricing scheme, there is no upgrade pricing.

Do I keep the same serial number from Panorama 6?

No. Panorama X does not use serial numbers at all. Panorama X is linked to your email address.

How do I upgrade my Panorama 6 Personal Use License?

There is no personal use license for Panorama X, instead, a Panorama X account automatically works on multiple computers. See Using Multiple Computers above.Personal Use License.

How do I upgrade to Panorama X Direct?

There is no Panorama X Direct. All licenses for Panorama X are full licenses.

How do I upgrade to Panorama X Sheets?

There is no Panorama X Sheets. All licenses for Panorama X are full licenses.