Purchase (or Renew) Panorama Personal Use License Serial Number Panorama is normally licensed for use on a single computer. (If a computer is replaced with a new computer you can transfer the license to the new computer, see Product Deactivation.) A personal use license allows allows a single Panorama serial number to be used by a single person on multiple computers. The terms of the personal use license require that all of the computers be owned by the person puchasing the license, and that he or she will be the only person using Panorama on these computers. A typical example would be a person that owns both a desktop and a laptop computer. There is no limit to the number of computers covered under this license, as long as all of the computers are owned by the licensor and the licensor is the only person using the software. The personal use license is available only to individuals, and may not be purchased by an organization. Enter your Panorama serial number (for example 12345.3vQ). Credit Card Note: The license expires and must be renewed when the card expires, so if you have more than one card you may want to choose the card with the latest expiration date. Month: Year: Name Enter the name on the credit card. This must be the name of the person applying for the license, not an organization. Email Enter the primary e-mail address for the person applying for the license. Applications that include a free e-mail account (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) will not be approved. Phone Enter the primary phone number for the person applying for the license. Personal Use License Pricing The license price may be between $9.95 and $29.95, depending on whether this is a new license or a renewal, and depending on the expiration date of your card.